“Ray Corral” - Musician & Artist

From Passion to Profession

A Modern Mosaic Artist

In the hub of South Florida, Ray Corral stands out as a unique presence, blending the intricate art of mosaics with a touch of modernity. With a career spanning more than ten years, Ray has established himself by fusing the timeless beauty of ancient mosaics with contemporary design concepts. His dedication to this art form goes beyond creation; it’s a mission to bring the historical essence of mosaics into today’s artistic scene.

Serving as the force behind various custom installations, Ray has transformed the spaces of South Florida’s prominent individuals by combining classical craftsmanship with a modern twist. This fusion of old-world tradition and new-age creativity defines Ray’s work, positioning him not as an artist but as a forward-thinking creative reshaping mosaic art’s landscape.

Mosaic Applications

Ray’s portfolio showcases the intricate nature of mosaic art. He turns swimming pools into mesmerizing environments in his aquatic artworks where art and water blend harmoniously. The mosaic masterworks serve as a storytelling platform where paint and tiles come together on canvas to depict tales of each piece, reflecting Ray’s artistic evolution and the tradition of mosaic craftsmanship. 

Ray’s architectural artworks also redefine living spaces by incorporating custom mosaics that bring texture, color, and narratives to homes. Beyond spaces, his public art projects embellish shared areas, making art a luxury that is accessible to all. These initiatives highlight Ray’s belief in art bridging ancient traditions with contemporary communal experiences.

Tradition Reimagined

Ray Corral keeps an age-old tradition alive with every tile he places and every design he dreams up, carrying the torch for a craft that’s been around for centuries. His love for mosaic art is about celebrating its rich history and taking it in new directions. Inspired by greats like Luigi Scodeller, Ray always looks for new ways to push mosaic art forward. 

His work is more than just decoration—it’s a way to chat with history, try out new ideas with materials and shapes, and share stories that resonate with us all. Ray’s touch turns mosaics into a vibrant language that connects the past with the present, showing off the timeless beauty of creating with our hands.